What’s queueIn?

queueIn is a peer-to-peer secondary ticket marketplace, except that there is no commission or service fees charged like other online marketplaces. (yes, we are talking about Stubhub’s outrageous fees for both sellers and buyers)

queueIn replaces craigslist with more trust and security. We use social network identities for verification and connect users who have mutual friends to increase credibility. Also, we back users up against scams and dispute, offering max support.

But rather, queueIn is a community that we are hoping to build with all the music lovers together. We are here to share resources, help each other out and enjoy the great moments at music events.

Who are we?

We are music lovers just like you who attend events on a regular basis. Just like everyone, we were tired of paying ridiculous high fees for tickets yet couldn’t find a better place to buy and sell tickets.

That’s why we built queueIn — all music events at one place, buy and sell tickets through other fans, never with fees.

If you are buying… you are looking at cheapest price possible because we are peer-to-peer with no commission or service fee. You only pay the seller, not us.

If you are selling… this is probably the best place for you to sell your tickets. You get 100% what you are asking. Only you get paid, not us. Also, we help you sell your tickets, find buyers and notify them when listing is up.

We take the safety of our community very seriously, any scammer or unfriendly user will be removed immediately and prohibit from using our platform. We encourage every member to report us of any suspicious activities on queueIn and we will do our best to investigate.

Everything sounds awesome to you?

Join us, shoot us an email at support@queuein.co let’s see what we can do together!

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